Beyond Blue in the Nursery

“The Dipladenias need rearranging.”
They are the wrong colour
as they are not the colour blue,
the hue we celebrate by ruing today
Beside the sausage sizzle
and dressed up dogs.

The Dips need rearranging, see,
they’ve not all sold
in time for the big day,
and we cannot give the impression
that this retail nursery
won’t take depression seriously.

They need make way for a new stack,
to the boss’s eye
they grow old
and tired of the rack.
They must be moved out back.

The new stock’s unloaded,
Replacing my red and white dejected beauties,
the aged ballerinas,
the once-model marvels
who’d heralded the entrance yesterday.

Replacing them: Dwarf Citruses,
perfect for courtyards, balconies,
small backyards and stressed mummies —
all wrapped in plastic pots of the right hue,
Today’s the day we sell some snags
and smile for Beyond Blue.




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