Private School for Boys (only)

At age fourteen:

I discovered Grosz and the Go-Betweens,
and did ‘rowing’ to feign masculinity,
for who was there to tell?
A handful noticed my sad cheeks;
like Old Allingham, English third period,
who saw my melancholy seep
as he read Salinger aloud,
he understood that young black cloud.

At age sixteen,

I discovered my first bully,
Or maybe Ashley Levi found me.
Sat alongside in band practice and
called me a ‘faggot’ between sips of Diet Coke.
And I’d always pitied him to varying degrees,
the fattest boy at school,
never shied from dropping a shoulder in the halls,
to demonstrate his immense weight.

At age twenty three,

Nine years now have come and gone,
I miss Old Allingham,
And Ash died before he’d the chance
to grow into a man. Just out of school
He snapped his spine and begged his parents
To flick the switch, quickly withered
like a crushed cocoon, trod into footpath —
barely leaving a mark.

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